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February 10, 2020

An Autism Dad’s Field Guide


With Tim Gonzalez-Smith



Hi there! Welcome to My Autism Tribe! Today I’m speaking with an autism dad, Tim. So often times, we are listening to the voices of mothers to children on the spectrum, but Tim is going to share all about his journey with his son, Rafa, and how he is educating and supporting the autism community from a dad’s perspective. Keep listening – he’s awesome!

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I started following Tim through his Instagram account @autismdads, because a dad’s perspective is just as important as a mother’s when raising a child on the spectrum. Tim knew this and wanted to connect with the autism community. Along the way he has provided support for so many people, and has also learned so much from others, which he shares with us. He has struggled with anxiety, just like a lot of us, and is such an awesome advocate for his son. Please welcome Tim.



To all the dads out there that are traveling on this autism journey, thank you for everything that you do. We see you! You are a very important member of our Autism Tribe. Thanks for joining me this week, and thanks for being a part of My Autism Tribe. I’ll see ya next week!





“The Autism Field Guide” – A book to help parents of newly diagnosed kids use empathy and understand as a way to support & empower.

“8 Ways to Support an Autistic Child and Improve Yourself” on the

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