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October 28, 2019

An Autism Mom’s Dedication to Nutrition


With Autism Mom Crystal Jordan of “Foods Four Thought”



Hey, everyone! Thanks for joining me today. Today we’re speaking with Crystal Jordan. She’s the proud mother of an amazing son on the autism spectrum, and she has been working tirelessly on something pretty cool that has provided her son with awesome results. She’s a dedicated mama!

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Most of us have been in those states of desperation, and likely many of us are still there, where we are working on the perfect formulas of therapies, supplements, and diets that will work for our loved one on the spectrum. Asking ourselves, “What if we do this therapy, with this vitamin, and eliminate this from their diet? What if we skip this therapy, but go to this doctor?” I literally have binders of information and spread sheets that I’ve collected in our short 3-1/2 years on this autism journey. Some may have viewed it as an obsession, but I don’t think so. I view it as dedication – to make sure my son has the best there is so that he can reach his full potential. I view it as LOVE. Today’s guest is Crystal Jordan. Her passion to provide help for her son is inspiring, and I can totally relate to the love she feels for her little one. Please welcome Crystal Jordan.



Sometimes those states of desperation can provide us with information or insight into what our children or loved ones need. It takes time, dedication, and patience but it’s all so worth it. Never stop trying, always have hope, and dig deep. I believe in everyone – keep up the great work and thanks for being a part of My Autism Tribe. I’ll see ya next week!



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