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October 21, 2019

Autism-Friendly Businesses


w/ guests Melanie West and Monica Cooper with FEAT of Louisville



Hey, everybody! Thanks for joining me today. We’re speaking with Melanie West and Monica Cooper – both of an organization called FEAT of Louisville and the initiative of Autism Friendly Business in the state of Kentucky. They’re doing some really cool things, so stay tuned.

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FEAT of Louisville, FEAT being an acronym for “Families for Effective Autism Treatment” is a non-profit organization that actively supports and funds autism programs for the entire family. Created for families by families, FEAT of Louisville is dedicated to easing the autism journey through ongoing support, education and programs. FEAT was founded in 1999 by a small group of parents searching for answers to their children’s complex medical and educational needs.

Melanie West joined FEAT in February of 2018 as the Autism Friendly Business Initiative Program Manager, and Monica Cooper is an autism parent that is now serving as the Community Outreach Coordinator. These ladies are powerhouses, and I can’t wait for you to listen of the impact they are making in the autism community.



Organizations like FEAT with program initiatives like Autism Friendly Businesses are doing amazing things for entire communities. It’s our goal to make our communities more inclusive, right? To make people aware and accepting of everyone, right? A huge thanks to FEAT of Louisville for doing such great work, and really changing the tide through their education and support. Keep it up – we’re rooting for you! Thanks again for listening, and for being a part of My Autism Tribe. I’ll see ya next week!




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Monica's bio:

My name is Monica Cooper. I am a mom of three boys, Isaac, Ian and Elijah. Isaac and Ian both have Autism. When we received the first diagnosis over 8 years ago my husband and I were not sure what to do or where to go for help. A friend told us about FEAT and the programs and support that they offered. We immediately decided to get involved. At first this was a slow process for us because we were still trying to navigate and wrap our minds around what Autism was. Two short years later our next son would receive the same diagnosis. This hit us pretty hard and we soon discovered we needed to get off of our “island” and needed to surround ourselves with other families just like us that were all on the same journey. FEAT allowed us to take our children swimming, to the Science Center to the park and even participate in our local ST. Patty’s Day Parade in a fun, yet safe environment. My children have been able to go out into the community and feel loved and accepted by other families. FEAT has not only given my family a sense of belonging, but it has ignited a passion within me to help bring others families that have children with Autism together. The families that are a part of FEAT have become an extended family to me. I want to give families the same HOPE, that was given to me.


Melanie's Bio:

Melanie earned her B.A. in Communications from the University of Louisville. After a career in the banking industry with Fifth Third Bank and JP Morgan Chase she took a different career path to become the CEO of her family. Melanie continued to be involved in the community volunteering at Dunn Elementary and actively serving on their PTA Board. Being a Louisville native, she is passionate about this city and directly impacting families.

The West family has been part of the FEAT movement for years, volunteering and participating in the 5K and FEAT Galas. Melanie joined FEAT of Louisville in February 2018 becoming the Autism Friendly Business Initiative Program Manager. “I am truly passionate about engaging and partnering with local businesses to bring Awareness, Acceptance, and Appreciation for the vast Autism Community.”
In her free time, Melanie enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, B.You Fitness, hiking, dancing, skiiing, traveling, the beach, and an active member of Northeast Christian Church. Melanie is married to the love of her life Mark and has two children.

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