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November 18, 2019

Autism Parenting…and a Side of Fries




Hello, my fellow tribe members! Thanks for joining me today. I’m gonna start right off and say this week’s episode is gonna to make you laugh your socks off. Today, I’m speaking with Eileen Shaklee, also known as “Mama Fry” to all her blog followers. She’s the proud mom of a teenage son with autism, and shares with us how humor (and a side of fries) has helped her family in everyday life.

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Autism can be isolating at times. There are great days, and then the not-so-great days that leave us scratching our heads and questioning if we’re doing enough…if we ARE enough. But one thing that I believe is super important is finding the humor in all of it. Sometimes it’s difficult to laugh when everything around you is hitting the fan and causing what feels like mass destruction…but you CAN. Eileen Shakle started a blog several years ago as an outlet to connect with others that were experiencing the same things, and people…she’s FUNNY. I love her viewpoint on everyday life, and I know that you will, too. Please welcome, Eileen Shaklee…or as many know her…”Mama Fry”.



Don’t get stuck in the trenches. Sure, it’s important to experience emotions, vent frustrations, but take the time to find goodness every day. Those little things that you can laugh about…maybe it’s at a later time rather than in the moment…but those things or people that will make you chuckle. Life’s too short to stand under a rain cloud all the time. Find the sunshine. Thanks for being a part of My Autism Tribe, and I’ll see ya next week!


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