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January 13, 2020

FUBAR: Autism Parenting

EPISODE 47: FUBAR: Autism Parenting

With Jessica Temple



If you spend just one minute on Google searching for parenting memes, you’ll be inundated with hilarious quotes and pictures on how to survive parenthood. It’s something that us parents get a few good laughs from, while we’re silently screaming inside. How many times have we questioned ourselves, “Will I get through this?”.

My guest today, Jessica Temple, is the creator of a podcast called FUBAR: Surviving Parenthood with Special Needs Kids, and is also a board-certified clinical neuropsychologist. Her podcast is all about creating a non-judgmental space to realize that we all actually WILL live through this, and offer tips on making the survival of parenthood an actual possibility. It’s hilarious. Jessica and her husband have two children with special needs. Their oldest has autism, ADHD, sensory processing disorder, and developmental delays, and their youngest child had a perinatal stroke and has developmental delays. It’s a complete joy to welcome Jessica to our show today.



There’s no perfect way of parenting, and as Jessica points out, there are always “fails”, “nails”, and “comical tales” along our journeys. Learn to embrace them, and know you are not alone. We’re all in it together. Thanks for joining me on my journey, and thanks for being a part of My Autism Tribe. See ya next week!


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