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March 9, 2020

Pixar’s Bobby Rubio Shares His Autism Dad Story in “Float”




Hi, everyone! Welcome to this week’s episode with a very special guest, Bobby Rubio, an autism dad and a story artist at Pixar. You may have seen his personal and professional story in thousands of news feeds around the world. You don’t want to miss this one! Also, if you’re enjoying being a part of My Autism Tribe, and listening to our podcast, we would love for you to take a moment to rate and review us wherever you listen to podcasts, and of course, share us with a friend or your organization. That’s how we make our voices stronger. We’re also on all social platforms, so give us a follow and send us a message about topics that you would like to hear about. It’s important to us that we’re providing you with information and messages that are near and dear to your heart. Thanks for listening!



When parents first receive an autism diagnosis, and even in moments afterwards, they may feel like they’re drowning…and they’re not alone. Many of us may feel like this, but our guest today has created a special animation that touches every parent, and sheds a light on the positivity that can be found in dark times.

Bobby Rubio made his directorial debut with Pixar’s animated short “Float” on Disney Plus in November and it has captured our hearts and told many of our stories. Bobby has worked at Pixar as a story artist since 2012, contributing to “Inside Out”, “Incredibles 2”, and “Brave”, but “Float” broke through barriers as not only a short focused on neurodiversity, but also Pixar’s first work to feature a Filipino American animated character. The short tells the story of a father that discovers his son is different than others, and rather have the outside world view him as being different, the father keeps his son out of sight. Bobby’s own son, who was diagnosed with autism, didn’t handle the news of his son’s diagnosis well…again…just like many of us, and his testimony is so heart-felt and inspiring. Please welcome, my special guest today, Bobby Rubio.



The story behind “Float” is not only a story that autism parents can relate to, but about some of the struggles that every parent has with their children. We need to love and celebrate people from all walks of life. Being unique or different isn’t bad, but beautiful. I truly do believe that, and it’s my hope that Bobby’s story touched you in the way that it touched me. The way that it inspired me. It’s ok to step outside of your comfort zone, and embrace the unknown. Thanks so much for joining me today, for being a part of My Autism Tribe, and for being an advocate for yourself and others. I’ll see you next week!






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