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November 13, 2019

A Family’s Autism Journey



Hi, there! Thanks for joining me. Today, I’m speaking with Laurie Hellmann. She hales from Indiana, and is a proud autism warrior mom who recently wrote a memoir documenting the journey her family has been on since her 16 - year old son, Skyler, was diagnosed with autism in 2006. I’m so happy to have met yet another powerful advocate, and I hope that you enjoy listening.

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Laurie Hellmann has spent the last 14 years fiercely navigating through therapies, medications and countless other medical and personal challenges with her son, all while continuing to fight for and be the voice for other families with a loved one on the autism spectrum. She also has a 14-year old neurotypical daughter who is just now starting to express that being a sibling of autism is not for the weak because it means that every day is a whirlwind and you never know what to expect.

Most recently, Laurie started a podcast called “Living the Sky Life” to further document and bring a voice to the often-unspoken struggles that families with special needs children, and specifically teenagers, face day to day. Let’s welcome Laurie!


The roles of advocacy can have many forms, but all are important. There are those of us who are talkers, those of us who are the silent giants working magic behind the scenes, but all of us who spend countless hours advocating for those we love – and some we have yet to meet. I’m so proud of each and every one of you, for your dedication, for your heart, and for your support. Thanks for being a part of My Autism Tribe, and I’ll see ya next week!





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