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February 17, 2020

Atypical and Proud of It


With Joy Johnson



Hi there! Welcome to this week’s podcast episode “Atypical and Proud of It”. I’m really excited to be speaking with behavioral therapist Joy Johnson who is also on the spectrum herself. I fell in love with her Instagram page because she is just super honest, and let’s be real…what better way to learn about neurodiversity than from someone that is on the spectrum. I hope you enjoy!

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Joy Johnson is an autism advocate, behavior and inclusion specialist, and is on the spectrum. She uses her social platform to not only share her thoughts on everyday life, but also her thoughts on some of the more popular autism research and science. It’s such a joy to welcome Joy Johnson to our show today!



In the past, our traditional expert knowledge came from observations by professionals who often lacked the personal experience of being autistic, but by listening to autism advocates that are on the spectrum, we can gain a larger understanding and acceptance of autism. One might even say that those on the spectrum are the true experts, right? Thanks for listening to this week’s episode, and thanks for being a part of My Autism Tribe. I’ll see ya next week!




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