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May 22, 2020

Exceptional Minds on the Autism Spectrum


With guest Corinne Levitt



Hello, and welcome back! Today we’re speaking with Corinne Levitt, a special educator and author of a new book called “Exceptional Minds Across the Autism Spectrum”. Her background in learning disability psycholinguistics, and the arts has enabled her to “teach to the talent” while encouraging her students to discover and explore their potential. She’s a fascinating woman, and I’m excited for her to share her story. Stay tuned and follow us on our social media platforms to engage or ask questions. Thanks for listening!



Corinne Levitt wrote her latest book in recognition of the need to promote the important role an enriched educational experience can have on the lives of students who stand to benefit the most from best educational practices. Let’s welcome Corinne to our show today.



As Corinne has stated, “more than money, resources, or even teaching methods, it is our attitude toward those who seem different that influences our expectations and limits learning opportunities for growth and development. It’s our attitude and understanding that shape our vision. But attitudes and mindsets can change, and when that happens, we can move closer to understanding the struggles and learning challenges of individuals with exceptionalities.” I hope this podcast finds you and your family safe and healthy. Keep up the great work, and I’ll talk with you soon!





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