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May 20, 2019

Traveling with Special Needs


Traveling with children of any age can be difficult at times, can we agree? Traveling with someone who has special needs can add additional challenges to the regular stresses of travel. So when you combine the two, traveling with a child who has special needs can seem like an impossible task. But, it isn’t impossible. It’s simply a new challenge where the rewards are worth well more than the effort.


Today we’re speaking with autism mom and special needs travel coach, Sarah Marshall. She helps those who dream about a perfect family vacation, but struggle with making that dream come true because of the stressful reality of their child’s unique situation. Sarah takes her first-hand experience and professional expertise to find families the unique supports and accommodations to make their vacations a time to heal from stress so they can focus on making lifetime memories.



For our loved ones on the autism spectrum, traveling with unfamiliar routines and encountering stressful situations can be really hard, but you can show them that traveling can be a great adventure. Some helpful tips to consider may be:

  1. Consider the “musts” when you travel. Is there a specific food, toy, or routine that your child MUST have.
  2. Use social stories before you travel to help them prepare. Even finding YouTube videos on where you’re going can help.
  3. Prepare activity kits
  4. Bring an emergency bag and medical information
  5. And slow down, incorporate “breaks” for the whole family when traveling. It will help them and you to enjoy the moment.


Thanks for listening and being a part of My Autism Tribe. I’ll see you next week!


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